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It's Make-A-Difference Challenge time!

Enter your quilts from July 11-August 8, 2022.

Voting takes place August 10-16, 2022. 

Make-A-Difference Challenge Rules:

  1. Each MQG Member is eligible to enter one quilt for the Challenge
  2. Quilts must have 3 layers held together with quilting or tying.
  3. Quilts must have a finished edge.
  4. Quilts can be any size.
  5. Quilts should embrace, reference, or be inspired by the challenge theme of OCEANS.
  6. Makers will submit their quilt via online photo submission. There will be no physical shipping of quilts. Each entry will cost $12.
  7. Each MQG Member is eligible to vote on the submitted quilts. All voting is anonymous.
  8. The top 10, as determined by member votes, will receive prizes!

Submit your quilt now